Payment methods are a requirement for activating service listings and make it easy for operators to quickly finalize contracts. Cards can be added at the bottom of the Business Profile page and edited through payment portal.

  1. For ease, use CTRL or CMD F to easily navigate to the "Payment Method" section.

  2. Click "Add" and you'll be redirected to a payment add/update portal.

  3. Enter in Credit Card information and save.

  4. To return to cannecht, select the "Go to App" icon to go back to the updated business profile.

💰 If you'd like to view the added payment method or delete it, enter back into "Edit" mode and view, edit, or delete as needed. You can also manage your payments from the invoice sent to your email address. The invoice routes to the same portal.

*The cannecht platform values your security and uses Chargebee to manage your subscription, credit card details, and PII. We defer to this policy as it pertains to your information shared within the cannecht platform as well. In general, cannecht does not share your information to any other parties other than those you have directly contracted with on the platform. You may review the Chargebee privacy policy here: Privacy Policy - Chargebee Inc

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