As a service provider in the cannabis industry, you are essential to helping licensed operators succeed. As you know, finding qualified service providers can be a huge headache for licensed cannabis operators. Our goal is to partner with you to solve that problem and in turn, help you exponentially grow your cannabis client base more effectively and efficiently.

The goal of the cannecht beta is to give you access to a preview version of cannecht so you can begin to experience the marketplace. During this time, the cannecht team will be relying on your feedback to improve the overall experience.

As a beta user, you’ll be one of the first service providers on the marketplace when we launch the final version. This means you’ll have first to market exposure and be ready to hit the ground running when we begin matching licensed operators with service providers.

Who is the beta for?

The beta version is for the very best cannabis service providers who have a track record of success in helping licensed operators. If you’re reading this document, you’ve been pre-qualified and registered for the beta program.

If you know of other highly-qualified service providers who might be interested and benefit from the beta program, share this link with them and have them sign up.

How does the beta work?

During the initial phase of the beta program, we won’t be actively matching licensed operators with qualified service providers or providing contracts. As a beta use you will be first in line for these features when they go live.

The beta version will give you the ability to set up your account, build your team and create services. Services are not matched until after they are activated. Services are not charged a fee until they are activated.

As a beta user, you will automatically receive complimentary service credits in your account. To activate your services and utilize these credits, you will need to put in your credit card information. Your credit card will not be charged unless you activate more services than you have credits for.

There will be opportunities to earn additional service credits throughout the beta program. As a key partner in helping us build the launch version of the app, we want to give you every opportunity to be one of the first service providers in your industry to grow your business with cannecht.

During the beta program, you may notice that some features aren't as robust as their final version. The set of features that are available are subject to change at any time during your beta experience. In fact, you'll probably see the app take shape right before your eyes. If you're reading this, you're a part of that momentum. So, please do share any and all feedback you have about your experience so we can keep improving it for you.

This includes any bugs or product issues you face as we want to make it right.

Periodically throughout the beta the cannecht team will potentially be reaching out to schedule informational interviews, or sending you short-form surveys in the app or via email. Please respond to these to the best of your ability as it's how we collect feedback and improve your experience.

Feedback can also be provided the following ways:

  1. If you are logged into cannecht and encounter an issue that requires support, training, or another type of direct response, please submit feedback via intercom (Screenshot)

  2. If you are logged into cannecht and have an idea that you want to submit for future consideration, share in canny (Screenshot)

  3. If you’re NOT logged into cannecht and encounter something you’d like to provide feedback on email *For instance, you received an email from Ripley, perhaps, and don't understand what to do.

What can I expect after the beta?

After the beta period is over, you will automatically be an active member of cannecht and all of your profile information and services will be available for matching immediately. No action will be needed on your part.

Thank you so much for being a cannecht OG and participating in our beta program. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

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